I’m Kathryn and I’m married with two daughters and a young grandson and granddaughter. We also have a family pet, Ted, our cocker spaniel. In 2013, after a long illness, Pulmonary Hypertension, I received a gift of new life, a heart and double lung transplant.

In honour of my donor, I love to live life to its fullest, hence my blog title, ‘Life is for the living’. I enjoy writing, reading, gardening, cooking, nature, wildlife, travelling and photography and love to write about all these things.

I’m always keen to raise awareness of Pulmonary Hypertension, a very rare disease, and organ donation, which have both affected my life dramatically.  In 2016 I wrote a memoir ‘Life is for the living’, which is available on Amazon, both in hard copy and Kindle formats. It is about my journey with Pulmonary Hypertension and undergoing my heart and double lung transplant and how my life changed so dramatically. I wrote it to raise awareness of both the issues of Pulmonary Hypertension, a little known and complicated disease, and Organ Donation. All the profits from my book go towards charities that have supported me throughout this journey.

Proceeds from my book launch also enabled me to set up the Transplant Patients’ Support and Social Group at Papworth Hospital and I’m currently chair of this group and involved with projects where transplant patients input is required at the hospital.  My husband Rob also chairs the national Cardio Thoracic Transplant Group, of which I’m a member.


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I’ve already established two other blogs through Blogger. One, ‘Life is for the living’, which catalogues mainly my health journey over the last few years, including my diagnosis of Pulmonary Hypertension and undergoing my heart and double lung transplant and beyond. The other one, ‘This Way to the Garden’, is all about my love of gardens and nature. I’ve decided to amalgamate the two together now through this blog so I can write about a broader range of topics – including all my interests from health to gardens, photography, writing, reading and the rest.  Hopefully you will find it interesting and still be able to follow my continuing journey with my health at the same time.

My previous blogs are still available to browse and read:

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My transplant gave me a new lease of life and a second chance and has been a miracle that has allowed me to see my daughters grow up and make their way in life and see my grandchildren.

It’s also allowed me to travel and make the most of life and see many milestones that I would not have seen if it wasn’t for my donor and their family.

Transplant isn’t a cure though and with it still comes lots of medication and complicated and complex health issues to juggle, so you will find me writing about both the daily triumphs and tribulations of being a heart and double lung transplant patient.

Having already written one memoir, I’m now in the process of writing my second book, ‘Heart Boy’, another memoir, which is about my relationship with my cocker spaniel, Ted, and how he helps me cope with emotional and mental well being when dealing with long term, chronic and terminal health issues. I’ll be keeping you updated on my progress with the book.

I hope you enjoy reading and following my blog,

best wishes,